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wall street’s just not that into you

wall street’s just not that into you

By Roger C. Davis

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Do you consider yourself a long-term investor? If so, chances are you have parked your money with an advisor and pay little attention to the amount of risk in your portfolio. You may be told by Wall Street to buy stocks or funds and hold them, or to create a diverse portfolio to protect yourself from risk and downturns in the market. In his refreshingly candid and highly informative style, Roger Davis reveals point-blank why you shouldn’t necessarily follow such advice: Wall Street’s just not that into you.

Drawing on an investment career spanning more than two decades, Davis delivers a dynamic and deadly accurate analysis of Wall Street’s “one-size-fits-all” approach—and why even wealthy investors should be wary.

Davis raises valid questions about traditional investment techniques, exposing the inherent dangers of relying on any one strategy, even portfolio diversification, as a primary risk management tool. Instead, Davis argues, you can achieve the best results by leveraging a powerful combination of goal setting and tactical investment strategies that consider both current market conditions and your specific time frame. In clear, accessible language, Davis outlines innovative strategies like how to stress test your portfolio and “lose your losers.”

A refreshing change of pace from the many books glorifying the buy-and-hold mentality—most of which are authored, promoted, and proselytized by Wall Street—Wall Street’s Just Not That Into You offers a bold and thought-provoking alternative. Here you’ll find common-sense strategies to protect and grow your wealth so that it will fulfill its true purpose: funding the life you want to live.


“If you have money in the market, you should read this book.”
Keith Ferrazzi, author of the #1 NY Times Bestseller Never Eat Alone and Who’s Got Your Back
“In his book Wall Street’s Just Not That Into You, Roger Davis outlines an insightful approach to investing and to life. He starts with the premise that your stocks, bonds, and other investments don’t know you own them, and he explores successful strategies to adapt to that reality.”
Ambassador Frank Baxter, Former CEO of Jefferies and Company