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Wall Street’s Just Not That Into You: Practical Advice From an Insider for Protecting and Growing Wealth

Money means different things to different people. To some it may mean achieving financial freedom so they never have to work again – even though they may plan to work the rest of their lives. Others may want to make a top flight college education possible for their grandchildren and for generations to come. Whatever your dreams are, you need a framework for making wise decisions about your money that will enable you to achieve all that’s important to you.

Some investment professionals work hard to make their work confusing. Like most things in life, however, the right solutions for investors are usually the ones that require the least explanation. In his latest keynote, Roger provides a convincing overview of why the most common practices used by financial advisors simply cannot reliably get you where you want to go and in his down-to-earth style offers audiences fact-based, pragmatic advice on how to invest more wisely.

Roger shows audiences:

  • The inevitability of the market ups and downs and why the buy and hold approach, and even classic diversification strategies, are not enough to reliably grow and protect your wealth
  • How critically important it is to understand yourself as an investor- your goals, timeline, and tolerance for risk- and shows you how to properly identify and incorporate them into your investment approach
  • A reliable framework for managing your wealth and what to look for in a wealth management firm
  • Innovative yet practical investment strategies based on years of academic research that will help you navigate good markets and bad

Content can be customized to suit the following audiences:

  • Investment professionals
  • Successful individuals or families investigating new approaches to wealth management
  • All individuals, groups, and affiliations with a stake in the market


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