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Woodridge Wealth Management is a registered investment advisory firm based in Santa Monica, California. We accept fiduciary responsibility for our client advice and are registered with the State of California. Our business focus is wealth management, which includes portfolio management services, employer-sponsored retirement plans and financial planning.

You have lots of things you would like to achieve. These are unique to you and your family – no one else has that exact set of goals and dreams. At Woodridge Wealth Management, we never forget that. You’ve worked hard to be where you are, and accomplishing what’s important to you while creating security for your family is our shared goal. In order to have a deep understanding of what and who you most value, we use a comprehensive consultative approach to help you get from where you are now to where you hope to be. We work in close collaboration with your professional advisors to ensure all parts of the wealth management process are aligned. But it’s not enough just to understand what you want to accomplish, because the financial markets are indifferent to your goals. We have to deal with the financial market on its terms – we cannot impose our will or need for the market to perform well at a certain stage in our lives.

At Woodridge Wealth Management, we do not believe the standard techniques used by many investment firms are enough to get you where you hope to go. For that reason, we manage client accounts using a relative-strength based asset allocation system. It is designed for the tactical deployment of assets in a set of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) that cover a world market model. We combine the principles of modern portfolio theory, asset allocation, and momentum with low-cost ETFs and use quarterly momentum, along with semi-annual momentum, to identify the top performers within a population of ETFs. This allows us to be flexible and fast-acting on your behalf and helps us keep your portfolio adjusted for varying market conditions over time. The center of our process is always you, your family, and your goals.


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